This recipe was given to me years ago by Dimitra,my neighbour's 15 year old daughter !!! I love it when kids show enthusiasm about cooking . When you watch children at play, you will always see them pretending
to cook, making cakes, and mixing things in their toy pots and pans, so to include them in the day to day kitchen activities will just come naturally to them. I made sure my daughter was always with me while cooking, asking her to pass the pepper, mix the eggs or prepare the vegetables and all the time listening to my running commentary on what I was doing, a habit that I catch myself doing now, even if I'm on my own!! Anyway, I hope you enjoy Dimitra's very scrumptious, very simple cheesecake recipe.

1 packet Digestive biscuits
125g Butter (softened)
200 g Cream Cheese
1 packet dream topping
1 tin Condensed milk
½ Cup of Milk
Juice of 3 lemons

Whiz biscuits in food processor until they resemble fine
breadcrumbs. Add softened butter and mix. Place your mixture in a 24 cm round
dish and press to line the bottom. Chill for a few hours until your biscuit
mixture feels firm.
Beat the cream cheese with the condensed milk. Whisk dream
topping with the milk. Now mix the two mixtures together and start adding the
lemon juice slowly until the mixture becomes thick and silky.
Pour cheese mixture on top of the biscuits and smooth down,
chill for a few more hours.
Just before you serve add topping of your choice. You can
make a sauce from  any fruit or use a tin
or fruit topping. I usually use the forest fruit topping or fresh strawberries
when in season.

Androulla xx

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